Salt Rock Lamp

True Himalayan salt lamps harvested from Khewra Salt Mine.  

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Authentic, Hand-crafted, Made With Love!

All our products are 100% pure and made from the real Himalayan Salt which comes directly from the Himalayan Mountains. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our products.

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Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

2019 Collection

Helps you sleep better.

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I bought 2 of these as gifts this year, but it's because my son bought me one last year and I'm convinced this has kept me healthy in many ways. Having COPD for 18 years, I always get bronchitis and/or pneumonia at least once a year. Even though I've had my flu and pneumonia vaccination I always get it. Since having this amazing lamp I have not been sick with anything! Not in a year! Do the research on this, what you find is all true about this lamp! I love it!!

K. Hess

I love everything about this lamp! First, it was packaged better than almost anything I have ever purchased--it makes for quite an elegant presentation. Second, the lamp itself looks very well-made compared to most that are out there. Third, the dimmer switch works nicely. I did not think I would use this much, but I have, and really am glad it is there. Fourth, I feel like this is a useful product. Overall, this has everything going for it!

Mom Of Four

Since putting it on my desk my allergy symptoms have improved tremendously and my attitude/ energy is better, too. Besides that, it is just truly gorgeous and the gentle rose-gold light that it produces reflects nicely off my crystal collection. The color is similar to rose quartz, although apparently it varies from one lamp to another as they are cut from natural salt crystal and each is unique. 

M. Jamie Brown

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Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

Help you
sleep better

Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp


Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp