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Himalayan Salt Rock Tea Light Candles Holders

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Style: Heart

Create a serene, relaxing ambiance at your home or office with Tea Light Candles Holders. The lamp has a built-in LED light and is made out of pure and genuine crystal salts from the Himalayan mountains. It also releases negative ions into the air to create an ionizing effect to purify the air.


  • SET OF 2 - Set of 2 Himalayan Hand crafted Crystal Salt tealight candle holders

  • PRODUCES A SOFT GLOW - Produces a soft amber glow when lit for a soothing and romantic ambience

  • NATURALLY CUT AND HAND-CRAFTED- Naturally cut and slightly Hand crafted to maintain its natural and unique shape

  • SETS THE ATMOSPHERE RIGHT - These hand-crafted tealight candle holders set an elegant and modern atmosphere in your living area, which helps set the mood right.

  • HELPS PURIFY THE AIR - Emits Negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an Ionizer, purifying the surrounding air

    It's incredible design will help you relax stress symptoms and have cozy moments whenever you use it.

    Himalayan Glow Hand Carved works to enhance the ionic balance of your spaces. The negative ions work against electromagnetic radiation and create a cleaner and purifying space for you.