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Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl

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Create a serene, relaxing ambiance at your home or office with Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp. The lamp has a built-in LED light and is made out of pure and genuine crystal salts from the Himalayan mountains. It also releases negative ions into the air to create an ionizing effect to purify the air.

  • Color:  Varies from Light Orange to Pink
  • Material: Himalayan rock salt
  • Uses: Indoor only 
  • Light Sources Type: Incandescent

You can use your lamp to create an amazing atmosphere anywhere you want. Give it a cozy and nice touch to those moments when you're doing yoga, meditation, reading, or in any indoor activity you do. Its design has a base of wood, which makes it durable and of better quality.

This lamp will give any space you use a relaxing atmosphere. Not only will help to give a nicer look to your spaces, it's color will give a special interior design experience. This will give you relaxing moments that will help you with stress.