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USB Himalayan Magic Ball Salt Lamp and Air Purifier

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This magic salt lamp is hand-crafted with large salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains. This home lamp is exactly what you need at the table of your living or bedroom to emit all the necessary ions needed to purify the air. It fragrances the surrounding making the atmosphere calm, sensitive and acts as a good dispenser against odors. It has a unique crystal ball appearance together with different colors to make all the difference.


  • Emitting Negative Ions:  Picture yourself at the foothills of the Himalayas, right in the middle of what nature has to say. Yeah, that happy feeling you feel is the result of negative ions. Working as a natural negative ions generator, the Salt Lamp absorbs the moisture from the air, then evaporating, absorbing again, and evaporating. This progress is continuous alternately. During this process, negative ions are produced.
    Air Purifying: Working as a natural air purifier, the Salt Lamp can remove and absorb dust, smoking, and polluted particles from the surrounding air. It is also said that it may have a little help for allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Stress Reducing: The stress from our daily life always makes keeps people in tension and anxiety, which have a bad impact on one's physical-mental health. The Salt Lamp gives out a warm soft calming glow, which can efficiently reduce the impact on people's health. With a salt lamp on, enjoy a calming environment!!!
  • Weight - 0.5kg
  • Height - 9 cm
  • Length - 9 cm