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Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt

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The beautiful pink Himalayan salt creates a relaxing environment for your house. You can use it as a decoration, for meditation, yoga, or for a good sleep at night. This lamp is handcrafted and 100% original and made from pure Himalayan crystal salts from Himalayan mountains.  

Each lamp has a different form, which makes them unique and special. They are perfect for every occasion, as a gift, as a night lamp, or as a beautiful decoration.

It also comes with a patented dimmer switch to adjust brightness and match the ambiance, so that you can wake up refreshed.


  • Material: Himalayan pink rock salt
  • Light Source Type: Incandescent
  • Color: Natural
  • Product dimensions: 6"D x 3.5"W x 6"H
Himalayan crystals are also known for having different benefits, which include cleaning the air, helping relax, and sleeping better.